Life of Apostle Andrew, Protocletus (the First-called)

Saint Andrew, called Protocletus (the First-called), brother of Saint Peter, was the first Apostle to be called by Jesus Christ. Saint Andrew and Saint Paul were the first preachers in the Bulgarian lands of the Good News about the incarnation of the Son of God and His resurrection. It is hypothesized that the future Apostle Andrew was one of the pupils of John the Baptist. He also preached in Asia Minor, Georgia and Scythia, for which he is regarded as a patron saint of Romania and Russia. The Russian Orthodox Church acknowledges him as its founder. It is also believed that Andrew founded the Church in the Thracian city of Byzantion – a legend that forms the basis of the later claims of Constantinople for global religious domination. Even today the Patriarchs of Constantinople regard themselves as direct descendants of Apostle Andrew. He died a martyr’s death.