Apostolic succession

The senior clergy of the contemporary Thracian Church, which has recovered its hierarchical structure directly from the branches of the Roman Catholicism and the Global Orthodoxy through ordination of its archbishops and bishops in the line of apostolic succession, is the legitimate successor and a zealous guardian of the oldest apostolic tradition of the Church since ancient times, as well as the continuer of the most ancient liturgical sacraments (Thracian rite) as preserved to this day and performed in the old Thracian (Boharic/Bogarian) language and the modern Bulgarian (new-Bogarian) language.
Besides theological education, the majority of the clergy of the Thracian Church have also obtained higher or other specialized education in various branches of science, art, politics, business, law, etc., and are prominent activists in their fields as scientists, politicians, businessmen, artists, musicians, composers, directors, writers, public figures, founders of famous business companies, institutes, academies and foundations with various beneficial activities, which are independent institutions, not affiliated with the Thracian Church.