Древен ръкопис на Бохарската Библия.
На корицата със златни букви е изписано:"В Началото бе Словото и Словото бе у Бога"

The mythical Bible of the ancient Thracians has been discovered

trcadm Книги, Открития

  The mythical Bible of the ancient Thracians, the so-called Biblia Bessica, has been discovered! Many researchers had concluded that this book was lost irretrievably for more than 1500 years. This sensational discovery leads to eternal invaluable revelations concerning the written and oral ancient Thracian language to change the scientific paradigm about our ancient past forever. Survey data disclosed in …

тракисйко писмо декодирано

The Oldest Written Letters in the World Are Decoded

trcadm Книги, Открития

The oldest written letters in the world are decoded by Dr. Stephen Guide, numerous media reported immediately before and after the press conference on 29 March 2006 in BTA, Sofia, Bulgaria. This is a discovery about the dawn of human civilization. It goes back to a historical period called the Eneolithic (Chalcolithic) Era, and concerns the history of the oldest …