The mythical Bible of the ancient Thracians has been discovered

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библия бесикаThe mythical Bible of the ancient Thracians, the so-called Biblia Bessica, has been discovered! Many researchers had concluded that this book was lost irretrievably for more than 1500 years. This sensational discovery leads to eternal invaluable revelations concerning the written and oral ancient Thracian language to change the scientific paradigm about our ancient past forever.

Survey data disclosed in this book show clearly the intimate connection between the ancient Thracian language and the modern Bulgarian language and prove undeniably that Bulgarians write and speak today in modern Thracian language. The book has an attached (for the first time ever!) unique Glossary section with over 500 ancient Thracian words that have remained identical or synonymous in modern Bulgarian.

тракийско писмоAll written sources, which are transcribed in the alphabet of Bible Bessica, establish without any contradiction that the modern Bulgarian Cyrillic alphabet is a modernized version of the older, and preceding in time, Thracian Boharic alphabetwhich means that today the Bulgarians write using the same sacred Thracian Alphabet as their ancestors.

The fundamental expert conclusion of this work is as follows: BULGARIANS ARE THRACIANS. In different historical periods some of the numerous tribes migrated in different directions of their diaspora, while others returned back to their homeland here in the Balkans to unite again with the main core of indigenous people and revive their country, so that Bulgaria continues forever.

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