The Oldest Written Letters in the World Are Decoded

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тракисйко писмо декодирано
The oldest written letters in the world are decoded
by Dr. Stephen Guide, numerous media reported immediately before and after the press conference on 29 March 2006 in BTA, Sofia, Bulgaria.

This is a discovery about the dawn of human civilization. It goes back to a historical period called the Eneolithic (Chalcolithic) Era, and concerns the history of the oldest civilization known in Europe, known as the broad concept of “Ancient Europe”. The scientific work of Dr. Guide is a sensational discovery about the earliest known inhabitants of Ancient Europe, whose ethnic name has come to us through the classical authors such as Homer, Herodotus, Pythagoras, Plutarch and many others. It tells the story of a re-discovery of Ancient Thrace and the people called from times immemorial simply “The Thracians”.

These people were known to Herodotus as “the most numerous ethnic group, second in number only to the Hindis”, and to Homer, who wrote of them in his Iliad, as “people who remind him of the gods”. Our understanding of history changes faster today in the era of the Internet communications than ever. The reason is very simple – uniquely broad and, not known until now, free access to multiple sources, enabling unprecedented far scale of analysis and understanding of the global information flow.

This concerns especially the oldest history of the world, since access to the unique ancient documents that have reached us was the most heavily restricted and hindered in the past due to multiple factors of different nature. In this work, it becomes clear that what many archaeologists and historians today call the “pre-historic” era by definition for lack of identified written scripts that “keep historical memory” is not such, because (as you will see it) we have identified written scripts for it. Therefore, the boundaries of the “historical” written era need to move very far back in antiquity. The decoded “prehistoric” texts in this study show clearly that the people who wrote them were not at all primitive as contemporary “science” claims, because they demonstrate sophisticated levels of thought and expression, which are typical for the “modern” era.

Consequently, the result of the scientific work of Dr. Guide may seem to the readers who are unprepared for change and to the former authorities in science as something threatening the mainstay of certain outworn dogmas in history, archeology and anthropology, and thus cause hasty negative reactions of opposition and negation of the unique discovery in it. This should not surprise us in the least, because the consequences of such a discovery could overturn many fundamental assumptions in modern science “upside down”. Unless we assume rightly that things were actually “upside down” before this discovery, but have finally taken their rightful position! Similar things have always happened with the revolutionary discoveries of our time, and this is not only to be expected, but also welcomed by the liberal and intelligent people.

This is not another “attempt to decode” the plates of Gradeshnitsa (5000 B.C.) and Karanovo (4000 B.C.). Unlike all preceding “guess work”, “attempts”, “interpretations” and various assumptions concerning the written signs on the tablets for several decades, the scientific method of Dr. Stephen Guide provides complete and conclusive scientific decoding for each written sign on the tablets, and the result is unprecedented and sensational!