Thracian People’s Council

Foreword to The Thracian Chronicles by Tsvetan Guidarski

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DNA Analyses

It has been clearly proved by the majority of independent DNA studies on Bulgarian genotype that Bulgarians have Thracian genes: 49 percent Thracian blood, according to research by the Swiss Institute “iGenea“.

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Emperors Orphics

There is also historical evidence that six of the early Christian emperors of Byzantium, who were Thracian Orphics, like Emperor Julian (referred to above- who is also of Thracian origin!), combined these ancient practices with those of the Christian liturgy, which speaks loudly and clearly in favor of the view that a big part of the Orphic “trakiystvaniya” (mystery practices – Ed. note.) were widely incorporated into the early Christian mystery-dedication ceremonies, and also subsequently into the sacraments of the Christian Church…

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Linguistic Analysis

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